Dealing with Tough Dance Floors

Sometimes, the floor might spoil the dance as it could be too slippery like ice that makes it tough for the dancers to balance. At times, it can be sticky that makes it tough to do anything quickly, and your knees start to hurt. It is not the perfect solution to find the right type of floor to showcase your dance skills. Instead, you need to learn how you can deal with any type of floor. There are a few tricks that are mentioned below.

Sticky Dance Floors: You can treat a sticky dance floor with baby powder. The problem is it might leave a mess on the floor. The best solution is to use the powder under your shoes and not on the floor. Of course, the effect will be diminished to some extent, but it is a good solution. When the floor is too sticky, do not try forcing spins and turns as it might hurt your knees badly.

Slippery Dance Floors: It could be challenging to have a slippery dance floor. You can use castor oil on the soles of your shoes sparingly. As it is sticky, it could be too dangerous for you if it is applied generously. Even wax works, but it should be fresh. You need to brush it constantly and re-apply it. Else, it will become slippery, but many people swear on the same. In case, you do not have any of these, you can use water, coke or anything else that is fine. The only thing to be noted is it should not be too much.

Hard Floors: You might be dancing on concrete or very hard floors. This activity will add additional strain to your legs and feet. You cannot do much about this, but you can stretch your calves later and treat your feet to a soothing massage. Keep a watch on your posture and also stretch your lower back. This will leave you with fatigue signs when you are dancing on hard flooring.

Good Technique

Apart from the physical aids, one technique will help you deal with a difficult floor. This is particularly for the beginners who will be disturbed due to the non-ideal floor or different floor than the one that are used to. Your bodyweight might always be exactly over the foot that you are on. If not, you will easily slip. You should avoid taking big steps at a shallow angle towards the floor. Relax your feet and also spread your toes to create a better grip.

When it comes to women with high heels, if you are scared of falling, and you are seeking upwards away from the floor, your body will be stiff, and the risk of falling will increase. You need to sink or push down your weight from your upper body. It is better to use flats if you are not comfortable with high heels.

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